Divider Furniture

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Spectre Compact Dual

Storage/ Smart Storage
Rs. 27600 Rs. 30695

Spectre Fair Dual

Storage/ Smart Storage
Rs. 24150 Rs. 26835

Introducing the Partition Furniture intelligently designed to create more space in your room. Homes have changed a lot over the decades, with modern home furniture trends showcasing creative colours and functionality. Divider furniture is one such unique accent piece that completes your room with glamour and style.
Buy Best Partition Furniture from Studio Kook
Studio Kook brings a wide range of partition furniture that can be bought basis on your choice of usage. These artistically engineered wooden furnitures are made of scratch-proof tinted glass resting on metal (MS) frames. It has ample open and closed storage so that the divider also works as a display unit, bookshelf and as a storage unit. Easily movable and simple to clean and maintain – these partition furnitures make ideal accent pieces for your home to maintain freshness.
Studio Kook’s Divider Furniture to Give a Contemporary Touch to Your Living Room
Studio Kook’s divider furniture is exclusively styled keeping in view the modern designs that help to keep your home decor more stylish and sophisticated. You can even keep it in your living room to partition the living room and dining room. The designs save space while still providing room to display your favourite collections like mugs, glasses, books and other home knick-knacks of various sizes etc. So look for the best living room partition furniture to suit your needs and create a complete modern home.
Studio Kook’s Partition Furniture in India are the Best Buy Option
Studio Kook’s partition furniture is the perfect choice if your home is cramped for space but still looking for a beautiful storage piece that allows you to move around freely within the room.

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