Warranty Summary

What is covered in Warranty?

Manufacturing Defects in Product or Hardware & Product FailureOur  warranty gives assurance to the buyer that the product will haveno defective workmanship. The warranty is only applicable if theproduct is properly maintained. The warranty starts fromthe date of purchase of the product.In the case of any defect, there are two options:The product will be repaired or It will be replacedIn case we do not have a technician available in your location we many ask you to arrange for one locally and provide you with the replacement parts and installation guide.If a case of unavailability of warranted product, we willprovide a substitute of that product, which will have close similarity indimension and colour of the original item.

What is Not Covered in Warranty:

This warranty is invalid if, a person apart from Studio Kook’s  representative installs or repairs the product, without taking approval from us.Our warranty is not applicable if the product is damaged because of below mentioned reasons:Damage caused because of abnormal use (including cutsand scratches) or if wear and tear happens due to accidents.Wear and tear occurred due to certain chemicals.Mishandling, or careless use.Mistreatment with the product, which includes the use ofinappropriate cleaning material.Fading of a product because of exposure to ultraviolet light, heat,and moisture.Too much exposure to water and heat.Studio Kook is not responsible for the indirect loss which includeswear and tear of personal property, inconvenience. The warranty for the product will never exceed the actual price of the purchased product and its replacement. Studio Kook provides a guarantee which follows Indian Consumer Law.

Proof of warranty claim

Claim for repair or replacement will be approved only when the buyer gives proof of invoice or warranty certificate given by Studio Kook at the time of purchase. Only the original purchaser of the product can avail the warranty benefits. It can’t be transferred to the subsequent buyer of the property where the product is installed. Warranty will stand null and void if damage is caused during shifting of the product from its installed address/location to a new address/location.

How to claim warranty

Please email us on support@studiokook.com with your order details and photos of the issue/defect. Our representatives will respond to you within 24 - 48 hours.