A Palette of Possibilities: Exploring The Importance of Home Furniture, Colors and Shades

A Palette of Possibilities: Exploring The Importance of Home Furniture, Colors and Shades

"Lucknow da kurta, pathani salwar, tab lage mard, varna lage bekar." 

If you remember this line well, we don't need to tell you about the wonderland that Bollywood paints when it comes to towering stories and exotic settings.


In the movie Kabhie Khushi Kabhie Gham, Yash Raichand, aka Amitabh Bachchan, owns a luxurious residence situated in a premier location with all the amenities known to mankind.

However, amidst all the sophistication you can hope for, imagine stepping into a living room with near-no color combinations, pale interiors, and rather subdued undertones. Painful? We know.


When it comes to home decor, the one thing that gets top priority is the build quality and architecture, while congruency in colors and streamlining of patterns take a back seat.


Read along as we present you with insights into how to improve your living experience with exceptional color palettes and designs as you explore the varied living room and Bedroom Furniture.


Streamline external decor

Can you imagine a Barbie house with Oppenheimer paintings? We know. Harmonizing external additives with home colors and furniture is an art seldom mastered and imagined by most. Paintings, wall colors, and furniture are the trinity that work hand in hand when it comes to setting the tone for a pleasing home environment.

And if we are talking about furniture that can blend in, it's worthwhile to check out furniture at StudioKook to make sure you secure the best for your home.


Contemplate your personal style.

Imagine hosting a party with a bouquet of guests incoming. While one can get caught up amidst the chaos, finding it rare to greet everyone present, your home is a static entity that could speak volumes about you. Be it a Designer Dining Table or a Bar Cabinet for Living Room, the human eye is programmed to notice every detail in silence. With pleasing color combinations, you can ensure that you cast the perfect vibe according to the occasion when it comes to furniture settings.


Cultivating space perception

Our mind functions and perceives things involuntarily. Selecting furniture that is bright in color and is perceived to be more airy and open can create a more alive and lively experience, which is best suited for living rooms. However, if you are looking to draw attention to a focal point of attraction, such as a painting or antique, this is where darker hues step in. Darker, more intense shades can help you create a more intimate atmosphere.


Amplifies the aesthetics

The saying your eyes eat first and then your tongue later is not specifically limited to food. When someone enters your living space, pale and monotonous furniture is the biggest turn-off that goes under the radar. To make sure that you are a part of discussions for all the right reasons, fuse your furniture settings with matching combinations. For instance, while a combination of darker shades can be deemed aggressive, a neutral-coloured sofa acting as a canvas for versatile pillows and rugs can go a long way when it comes to customization in the long run.

If you are exploring furniture that suits your home the best, do not forget to check out the exclusive range of home furniture available at StudioKook that can elevate your living standards to new heights.

Needless to say, color combinations occupy a pivotal position when it comes to selecting bedroom furniture, furniture for the living room, or furniture in general. And if, after reading all this, you still think that palette pairing isn't that important, we have one line for you.

"Bade mazaaki ho... Bade mazaaki ho."

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