Design process at Studio Kook

Design process at Studio Kook - StudioKook

At Studio Kook, we believe in maintaining a sufficient balance between craftsmanship and materials. All our products are designed in-house by our team of craftsmen who are passionate about coming up with new and innovative products every month. Our entire design process takes several weeks. Have a glimpse at how it’s done:

Rough Sketches: Our talented designers brainstorm ideas and create rough sketches of the product. These ideas usually come from the market demand that we’ve seen at exhibitions/shows and what people are asking for online and on our website.

Renders: Once our designers agree on a few different sketches of the product, they use professional software to create renders of the final result. Some of the variants are eliminated before a final few are sent to our planning team.

Studio kook design renders

Launch: The final prototype chosen is then manufactured into a finished product. We use the product ourselves for the final test and launch the product only once our entire team is satisfied with it.

Studio Kook side table final product


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