Importance of Vaastu and new tips for your home in 2023

Importance of Vaastu and new tips for your home in 2023

If you're planning on buying a new home in the year 2023 and want to know the top ten tips on how to get an ideal and good Vastu, then this blog post is definitely worth sharing with your friends, family and followers. Vaastu Tips with mobile furniture.

Vaastu for Dining Room / area in Living room
Make an effort to create a welcoming dining area. Vaastu shastra for home also suggests to decorate the table with fresh flowers and vibrant table linen. Make sure the table, including the crockery and cutlery, is visually appealing. Never use crockery that is broken or damaged. Clutter slows energy and impedes the flow of positive energy.

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Vaastu for Bedroom

Bedrooms are the final place of repose for everyone after a long, tiring day. Ensure that there's no clutter and old, useless items in the bedroom. Get wardrobe from Studio Kook's wide range of 2, 3 & 4 Door wardrobes to help you declutter and organise.

Experts suggest that the main bedroom of the house should be situated in the South-west direction. It attracts good vibes and keeps the family members cheerful

Vaastu for Living Room

Are you looking for a spot to fix the TV in this room? Go for the South-west. Luxuriously organise your entertainment space with our wide range of TV units

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