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Khatam Tata GoodBye to your smelling shoes with Studio Kook's well designed Shoeracks

Monsoon is here and so are our smelling shoes.

Our compact houses and love for many pairs of shoes don’t go well. Hosting a party or a family get-together we have the perfect shoerack

You need a solution that can declutter your living room but doesn't take up too much space.

Studio Kook has great shoeracks which are best-sellers and are highly rated.

Canvas Shoerack

Oxford Shoerack

Derby Shoerack

We are here to solve your shoe storage problems! It's called Ventilated Shoe Racks and these racks are designed to keep your shoes safe from dust and dirt while also keeping them in their original shape.


The best part is that these racks have open sides so that air can circulate freely through them which prevents mould and mildew from forming inside the rack itself. As a result, your shoes stay fresh for longer periods of time without having to worry about any odours coming from inside them!


It's a great solution to the shoe clutter that often plagues Monsoon wardrobes, especially in small closet spaces. And with the warm and humid weather we expect this season, you'll be glad you won't have to deal with mould and unpleasant odours from damp footwear.

Don’t believe us? Listen to our Happy customer Ms. Shilpa




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